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Make The Most Of Your ITIL Training

ITIL is a system designed to streamline the selection, planning, delivery, and maintenance of IT services to a business in order to improve efficiency and consistency. Getting certified as an ITIL expert is a great way for IT administrators to establish themselves not just as back-end support, but as business service partners as well. IBEX IT Business Experts has everything you need to know to be successful in your ITIL certification.

Before The Exam

Find a course taught by certified industry experts. ITIL certification training has evolved to include 4 levels of training. This fourth level has been designed to help organizations meet increasing demand from the current complex digital environment. The new scheme has been designed to be backwards compatible with ITIL v3 and streamlined to encourage conversion beyond the ITIL Foundation level. When searching for a certification course, be sure you choose one that will equip you with the latest development of ITIL expertise.


itil-certification-2Identify real-world examples. Don’t hesitate to ask how ITIL relates to your own workplace experience. Your instructor will likely include real examples, but feel free to come up with your own. While the certification exam will test your knowledge of ITIL theory, it’s important to understand how these principles translate into the real world. It may seem simple when the five life-cycle stages of ITIL are laid out as solitary units, but in practice, these components are very entwined.


Pay attention to keywords. To score highly on your ITIL exam, you need to have a secure understanding of the keywords. Do extra work to memorize terms such as:

In ITIL, these keywords are linked to each other. For example, customer value is related to a service strategy module. In the same way, maintenance is associated with continual service improvement. Knowing these keywords and how they are connected will help you answer the questions accurately and quickly.


During The Exam

Make sure you have everything you need. Make sure you have your pencil and participant number, and double check that you filled in your details on the examination sheet.


itil-certification-3Take your time. You will be given one hour to complete the exam, which allows you about 1.5 minutes to answer each multiple-choice question. If you find yourself panicking over clock, take a breath and try to simply focus on the question in front of you.


Mark your answers clearly.  Your exam or your proctor will provide instructions on how to mark your answers. Be sure to follow them carefully.


Pick out important words in the question. Read each question carefully and keep an eye out for words that can help you eliminate wrong answers. Words to look for include:

Use your time wisely. If you have time left over at the end of the exam, go back to review your answers and make sure you didn’t miss any questions.

Get Certified With IBEX IT Business Experts

We are a SBA 8(a) and WOSB certified, and ready to provide you with the latest in top level ITIL Certification Training and your transition to ITIL 4. Our veteran IT Service Management instructors have decades of hands-on experience at every level of ITIL Certification. Each instructor has served as a consultant. This allows our instructors to tap into their ITSM and ITIL consulting knowledge while in the classroom. Learn more by contacting us or call us at (678) 964-4239.