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IBEX and Certifiably Diverse impact 6 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The importance of non-financial factors such as ESG to Wall Street, investors and stakeholders, is front and center in the IBEX approach to client engagements. Products and services are especially impactful on the Social element of ESG – employee relations, diversity and inclusion, community impact, health and safety. Companies that work with us are almost certainly addressing all the ESG factors, setting and achieving ESG goals, and measuring/reporting ESG performance.

Our newest solution, Certifiably Diverse, is a comprehensive, highly intuitive supplier management and communication ecosystem that adds value to the user’s ESG evaluation.


IBEX leverages its decades of education experience to offer an online IT Learning Library with free content providing IT education resources globally.

#4 Quality Education

Our IBEX Protégé program sources diverse candidates providing employment opportunities as an entryway into the lucrative IT industry.

#5 Gender Equality

Our Certifiably Diverse platform offers our diverse suppliers a marketplace that provides direct business opportunities, industry events, and educational resources.

#8 Decent Work &
Economic Growth

#8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

Our Certifiably Diverse platform allows all diverse suppliers to drive better discoverability, more streamlined engagements, and grow their business.

#10 Reduced Inequalities

By increasing spend within minority-owned businesses, we are impacting their communities and creating more opportunities for growth.

#11 Sustainable Cities and

#11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Certifiably Diverse and IBEX Protégé are two solutions we want to offer globally with our customers and partners to more quickly impact the global community. 

#17 Partnerships for the

#17 Partnerships for the Goals