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Administration & Logistics Support

As a professional service and training agency, IBEX IT Business Experts are proud to serve as a trusted, industry business resource and partner to fill the gap. 

Administrative Support

IBEX provides best-in-class Administrative Support solutions to the government and private sectors. We work with clients in an ongoing one-on-one collaborative relationship to provide and deliver 360-degree mission support. 

Logistics Support

IBEX provides an array of Logistics Support Services from comprehensive planning and development to ongoing operations, including order processing, material handling, inventory management, transportation, maintenance, and monitoring. These series are all uniquely tailored to meet individual client needs and realize your full performance potential.

D'Joane McCorkle

Business Development Manager

Administrative Support Services are essential to provide stability and the effective continuity of business operations.

IBEX’s professional service team includes administrative assistants to executive assistants who ensure that office operations are running efficiently and perform to the best possible standards, adding value and service “beyond the adequate” solution and expectation.

Logistics Challenges: Changes in materials, assets, customer demand, advances in technology, and business procedures can create logistics disruption for any company and any company size.

 Logistics is a complex process; our team has the specialized knowledge to streamline operations to support the fluid movement of our client’s asset-property to meet their overall mission and goals.

Our Record is Our Reputation.

We provide certified and knowledgeable professionals in various industries spanning the scope of experience levels, roles, and responsibilities.

Because of the time spent collaborating with IBEX, their leadership, the content of their work, and meeting all requirements and schedule milestones, they have secured a solid endorsement on behalf of the Space Systems Department. Their impact and influence have been noteworthy.

Tim Ezell

Acting Deputy Manager, NASA Space Systems Department

Fort Benning is extremely pleased with the performance of service provided by IBEX. Fort Benning would not hesitate to award any type contract to provide support to the Maneuver Center of Excellence Infantry and Army Schools. IBEX is a very professional and responsive contractor.

Yewston M

Contracting Officer, US Army Fort Benning