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Healthcare IT Services and Staffing. Just what the doctor ordered

Health is wealth. It’s true for people…and hospital systems. Just as patients rely on highly trained specialists and treatments, thriving healthcare organizations rely on experienced IT partners and the solutions they prescribe for their financial wellbeing. IBEX keeps hospital systems in top health by optimizing processes and workflows, augmenting and training technical staff, and even managing complex IT initiatives, such as data migrations and technology adoption.

Staff Augmentation

IBEX has over ten years of experience supporting the needs of our Healthcare clients both in the public & private sectors. Whether Health IT positions or clinicians and practitioners, we can provide the temporary or permanent staffing resources needed. As demand for Health IT staffing increases, we offer our IBEX Protege program to source diverse talent through a program that includes effectively sourcing, vetting, mentoring, and training, allowing you to acquire tomorrow’s tech superstars today.

Workflow & Process Improvement

IBEX supports Business Process Improvement and Health IT in ambulatory offices, inpatient facilities, government, or other healthcare vendors. Workflow analysis, also known as process analysis, involves identifying, prioritizing, and ordering the tasks and information needed to achieve the intended result of a clinical or business process. Workflow analysis and process redesign are integral in identifying and selecting new information technology and ways to improve care. These processes are critical because of the inherent complexity in most healthcare clinical and administrative processes and their impact on overall patient care.

Training & Educational Support

IBEX has over 20 years of experience in Training & Development and has seen the industry grow from a brick and mortar organization where students had to fly from city to city to catch the class they needed only to double the cost of the investment.

IBEX has over 20 years of experience in Training & Development and has seen the industry grow from a brick and mortar organization where students had to fly from city to city to catch the class they needed only to double the cost of the investment. The need for more remote learning opportunities accelerated our innovation, becoming more nimble, creating new training models and improving existing products and services for our customers.

Project & Program Management

Team IBEX utilizes an integrated management and process improvement approach to provide quality performance. Our integrated approach includes open communication with all stakeholders to ensure project plans and deliverables are directly aligned with client mission objectives. This Agile-focused approach enables our team of experienced personnel to adapt solutions based on the most relevant data providers. Team IBEX brings unmatched technical, analytical, operational, and management capabilities to the project and innovative solutions easily acquired by the end users.

Migration to Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Clinical Systems Implementation

IBEX was born to assist Hospital Systems as they began the journey of moving from paper-based to Electronic Healthcare records. We started with just one client and quickly developed a niche in the healthcare industry as we have combined our specialization in Business Process Improvement with Healthcare IT systems to help Healthcare organizations meet their objectives, clinical as well as financial.

CDC’s Public Health Laboratory Electronic Test Orders and Results Initiative

The CDC is collaborating with the nation’s public health laboratories (PHLs) and other partners to modernize data systems. CDC and its collaborators are building the technical infrastructure to facilitate the exchange of electronic test orders and results between healthcare facilities and PHLs, an activity abbreviated as “ETOR.” This multidirectional platform will streamline channels of data transmission and improve interoperability between partners. This exchange will decrease the use of paper-based test orders and reports, reducing the risk of errors in manual data entry and result reporting, and ensuring that accurate testing information is captured and transmitted to a patient’s medical record in a timely manner. Implementing ETOR will also strengthen public health surveillance and emergency response by linking laboratory data with patient information through standardized data elements included in the test order.

Applied Research and Exploratory Development of Physical Sciences

In support of the Air Force’s Human Performance Wing, IBEX supports the Research & Development of the use of biometric wearables assessing the efficacy of the Human Engineered Resilience Optimization (HERO) training. The effort worked with airmen capturing data remotely via multiple groups wearing sensors, cognitive devices and psychological surveys. Supporting this project required processing enormous amounts of medical, physiological, psychological, biological, environmental and cognitive data sets.

Our Record is Our Reputation.

From strategy and consulting to training, technology and operations, consider IBEX as a partner dedicated to securing your business’s future growth.