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IBEX utilizes an integrated management and process improvement approach to provide quality performance.

Our integrated approach includes open communication with all stakeholders to ensure project plans and deliverables are directly aligned with client mission objectives. This Agile-focused approach enables our team of experienced personnel to adapt solutions based on the most relevant data providers. IBEX brings unmatched technical, analytical, operational, and management capabilities to the project and innovative solutions easily acquired by the end users.

IBEX implements the Agile Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle until the end users have the tools and resources required to complete the mission successfully.

D'Joane McCorkle

Business Development Manager


Clearly understanding the Deliverables, the End-User Requirements, and Stakeholder Needs


Carry out the planned objectives, including implementing the processes and creating viable work products that provide value early and often to the end user.


Ensure that the product meets the user requirements of the Mission.


Implement changes or enhancements and adjust as required to meet the mission objectives.

This continuous improvement cycle repeats as new data is gathered, user data and testing are carried out, and the end deliverable is modified, enhanced, and approved.

Project Management Theory and Practice with the CDC

First, IBEX deployed a formal project plan and management techniques, with assistance from subject matter experts, for the logistical oversight and coordination of the implementation of a national electronic public health system. IBEX identified management controls, methodology, tools, processes, tasks, resources, schedule and outreach, and communications to fulfill required deliverables outlined in the task list.

Next, we created an overall project schedule, using master tracking tools that the project team, management, customers, and other stakeholders utilize for the current status of how each project’s work was progressing.

Lastly, IBEX supported the creation of a high-level 5 five year project plan that, with appropriate updates, will serve as a roadmap for the national implementation plan for the electronic public health system.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Administrative Services

IBEX’s Program Manager focuses on providing highly qualified personnel, serving as a backup and supervisor of all administrative personnel. The PM manages and mentors staff with various administrative work assignments, requirements, and day-to-day activities. We use an integrated Management, Process Improvement, and Quality Assurance Approach, which includes open communication with all stakeholders to ensure tasks and deliverables are clearly defined, planned, understood, assigned, scheduled. This approach ensures that we analyze progress, capture issues, address feedback, provide monthly reports, and adjust the work so that it aligns with the client’s mission and objectives.

Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) Programs

IBEX provided Project Management services and oversight of the planning, design, and creation of Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) Programs into a lifelong on-command/on-demand, competency-based learning model. Our team managed and supported a team of instructional designers.

Your people were extremely beneficial and went above and beyond to meet our needs. Please pass along thanks from Academic Affairs to all those involved.

Senior Master Sergeant

Air Force Academic Affairs

I’m super excited for the new distance learning course to roll out in July. The course has completely transformed to better meet the needs of Airmen. Its more student-centered, and our Airmen can immediately implement what they learned within their work centers. The opportunities and agility that the NCODLC delivers to our part-time/full-time workforce is the versatility of the future. Reservists from young Airmen to senior leadership are anticipating distance learning modalities to lead to successful performances!

Chief Master Sergeant

Barnes Center's AFRC advisor