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Revolutionizing CX With AI

In recent years, it has become apparent how artificial intelligence plays a huge role in modern business operations. AI programs and services are changing everything from data collection for marketing to onboarding procedures for HR. And while AI is incredibly valuable when it comes to saving time and money internally, it can serve an even more profitable purpose too – enhancing the customer experience (CX). As access to data grows each passing day, so does the opportunity to feed that data to AI programs to create a better experience for the customer. What does that look like, though? Here are 5 examples from IBEX IT Business Experts of how artificial intelligence is changing the very foundations of the customer experience.

5 Ways AI Transforms The Customer Experience

1. Self-Service

One of the most popular aspects of AI is its ability to cut out the middlemen and allow customers to resolve their issues faster. Have a simple question and don’t want to sit on hold until the next available agent? Try using the increasingly common chatbots or virtual assistants to find quick answers to common questions. And although chatbot technology is still being improved upon, it still helps resolve smaller issues quickly so that real customer service agents are available to handle bigger issues.

2. Precise Personalization


AI is also making the customer experience more personalized than it’s ever been before. No matter where you look, whether you’re on Netflix, Amazon, or Instagram, algorithms are calculating suggestions for your next product or service based on your shopping history. We are now in an age where no one needs to shop around – they already know everything relevant to their needs and wants.

In addition to personalized recommendations, companies are also using AI services to develop personalized content for their consumers. You are much more likely to buy from a company that has seemingly taken the time (or used a program) to get to know you. Developing marketing messages that are tailored for each individual makes the customer feel seen and establishes a positive buyer-seller relationship. Some people may be concerned about privacy issues, but most people are satisfied with their experience.

3. 24/7 Access

Unlike its human counterparts, AI does not tire. Just like it empowers customers by providing the option of self-service, artificial intelligence is also available for 24/7 support. This is achievable without the expensive overhead cost of hiring around-the-clock staff. Not only is this a mark of good customer experience, but it is also practically a modern business standard. Most customers are not willing to be constrained to business hours to get their questions answered. AI is an efficient, cost-effective way to offer them the support they want and need.

4. Automation


Everyone asks Siri to make a phone call or tells Alexa to turn off the lights. But more and more companies are beginning to harness automated AI to make their customers’ lives easier. For example, some banks now allow customers to use Alexa and Google Home to transfer money and pay bills. Retail stores let them to order products by voice command. Movie theaters allow them to purchase tickets and choose their seats before they even leave the house — all of this without even touching their smartphones. This degree of convenience is a direct product of artificial intelligence to improve customer experience, and it will only continue to grow as technology advances.

5. Perennially “Happy” Customer Service

We all know that customer service representatives can’t always be perfectly chipper and courteous. In fact, everyone probably has a story (or several) about a particularly rude rep that caused you to drop whatever company you were trying to communicate with. But just as it doesn’t tire, AI doesn’t get upset either. Difficult and irate customers will not ruffle the feathers of a program or algorithm. This assures companies that their customer service will always be polite and accommodating, leaving customers happy every time.

IBEX Will Help You Evolve With AI

If there is one thing that stands true about IBEX IT Business Experts it is that we will continue to seek growth and stay ahead of the technology curve. We not only seek to bring AI to the forefront of technology but, we also strive to bring more diversity to the IT marketplace.

With over 30 years in the industry, IBEX IT Business Experts is a diverse, woman-owned small business that’s dedicated to providing you with the tools to succeed and take what you learned to the next level. If you are seeking AI Consulting, Technology Training, Business Processes Development, IT Service Management, Enterprise Governance, or Project Management, IBEX has a proven record of delivering excellent results.

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