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Splunk is one of the first platforms to help make sense of log data. Splunk is not just a tool for IT Ops. It’s a tool for developers. In fact, it’s a tool for everyone who’s interested in using the power of data. There are a lot of use cases for Splunk, but first, you need to learn what it’s capable of and how to get the most of it.

If you have concerns about security and compliance, don’t worry. You can still be compliant while making life easier with Splunk. You’ll just need to give everyone visibility on what’s happening with your applications in real-time or for analysis purposes. And yes—you can do all of this without giving people access to the servers.

This two-day boot camp is designed to empower a wide range of technology workers with the knowledge and skills needed to take full advantage of Splunk. This Splunk training course is exercise-intensive and is for individuals looking to develop a deeper understanding of the tool. Our continuous hands-on lab classroom format and real-world practice scenarios cement your new skills with Splunk’s various applications and leave you prepared to properly collect, analyze, and utilize your machine data. 

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Data visualization is a critical component of any data practice. The ability to sort through data for meaningful insights is only as useful as your ability to communicate those insights – quickly and easily. Teammates, decision-makers, and colleagues need to understand the story your data is telling, and effective visualization is the key.

Power BI comes with a wealth of features for effectively visualizing information and insights. This fast-paced workshop assumes no previous experience with Power BI. Our expert instructors get you up and running in one day so you return to work immediately capable of applying what you learn. Starting with a few fundamentals, you will leave class equipped with a core set of skills for using PowerBI to visualize and communicate your data and the stories it tells.

** Prerequisites: **

This class only requires access to Power BI; no previous experience is required. The course will immediately benefit:

Team leaders and functional managers, Team members with access to data, Anyone wanting to do more with a PowerBI license, Business analysts, Project and program managers, and those getting started with analytics

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Unlock the true potential of your business with our cutting-edge Components of a Data and AI Solution course! This hands-on introduction takes you on a transformative journey from raw data to invaluable insights, leveraging the power of data and AI. Gain a competitive edge by understanding what tools can do and how to extract real business value from their output.

Our comprehensive training integrates an overarching view of the data-to-insights process with focused data science expertise, empowering you to store, manage, process, and analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured data. Plus, decision-makers benefit significantly from exposure to available options and establishing a common vocabulary with technical practitioners.

Maximize your potential with our Components of a Data and AI Solution training today!