COBIT Certification Training

Who Should Consider COBIT Certification Training?

Is COBIT Certification Training Worthwhile?

Technology is the ever-changing force that everyone deals with no matter the industry. It’s even more of a frequent force in the IT world. When dealing with shifts in platforms, software, and framework, it’s crucial to ensure you are up-to-date and informed about changes.

Certifications are the best tool to have in your arsenal. Certifications vary across the industry and preparing for them is just as important as obtaining them. That’s why we want you to focus on one of the most beneficial, established certifications out there: COBIT Certification. We’re also going to show you exactly why you should be considering COBIT Certification Training.

Benefits of COBIT Certification Training

COBIT has changed dramatically since its inception in 1996. According to, “COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) was initially designed as a set of IT control objectives to help the financial audit community better navigate the growth of IT environments.”

COBIT 5 is ISACA’s latest business framework for the governance, management, and operation of IT across any enterprise. IBEX’s COBIT Certification Training prepares delegates for the COBIT 5 Foundation exam that is taken at the end of the course.

There are plenty of benefits to consider before, during, and after training. However, we want to focus on these three benefits of COBIT Certification Training.

  1. Efficiency – Any certifications added to you or your team’s portfolio makes your team that much more efficient. You’re up-to-date on the governance of enterprise IT (GEIT) and how it applies to certain parts of enterprises. It allows for an updated, common vocabulary approach for tackling industry shaking challenges.
  2. Set Your Team Apart – COBIT 5 certification helps you discover how you will have to assess the current state of enterprise IT, with the objective of choosing appropriate aspects of COBIT 5 to be implemented. All this can be achieved through our COBIT Certification Training. Learning how to use the tools and skills that are necessary to implement and assess COBIT 5 effectively in their respective enterprises is what helps build a stable reputation.
  3. Credibility –  Being informed of all new processes, regulations, and principles helps build a solid foundation for your business’ reputation. COBIT 5 withstands the highest quality information due to the repository of expert knowledge the globe. With in-depth COBIT Certification Training, you and your business will only reinforce your reliable background and then stand amongst the other framework experts.

Why COBIT Certification Training

Benefits are impactful points to consider, but they still don’t answer why. Here are three reasons why you or your team should be considering COBIT Certification Training.

  • COBIT Certification Training_Training Session on ComputerOptimization – Frameworks are there to optimize business IT structure. This could cover day to day or even stretch across long-term goals. Specifically, COBIT 5 allows you to maintain high-quality information and meet goals. COBIT Certification Training works to help companies be performance and compliance requirements. This has always been their mission and COBIT 5 works to continue to do that.
  • Continuity – Businesses use multiple platforms and frameworks in day to day life. COBIT 5 works with ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000 and 27001, Project Management Institute (PMI), and many other groups that set standards for business frameworks.
  • Minimize Risk – Risk is a huge factor for organizations and that can mean many things. IT-related risks, such as hacking and malware, are major threats. COBIT Certification Training helps you manage IT risk and helps protect your systems more effectively.

IBEX COBIT Certification Training

With an understanding of the COBIT 5 Framework, delegates will be able to identify and apply the COBIT 5 components in their business operations and IT activities. Our COBIT Certification Training Foundation course is designed as an introduction to COBIT 5 and enables you to understand how an integrated business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT can be utilized to achieve IT business integration, cost reductions and increased productivity. The syllabus areas that this course is designed to cover are:

  • How IT management issues are affecting organizations
  • The need for an effective framework to govern/manage enterprise IT
  • How COBIT meets the requirement for an IT governance framework
  • How COBIT is used with other standards and best practices
  • The functions that COBIT provides and the benefits of using COBIT
  • The COBIT Framework and all the components of COBIT
  • How to apply COBIT in a practical situation

Our COBIT Certification Training Implementation course is designed as an advanced implementation guide to COBIT 5 and enables you to understand how an integrated business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT can be utilized to achieve IT business integration, cost reductions, and increased productivity. The syllabus areas this course is designed to cover are:

  • How to analyze enterprise drivers
  • Implementation challenges, root causes, and success factors
  • How to determine and assess current process capability
  • How to scope and plan improvements
  • Potential implementation pitfalls

Let IBEX’s COBIT Certification Training Lead The Way

With over 30 years in the industry, IBEX is a diverse, woman-owned small business that’s dedicated to providing you with the tools to succeed and take what you learned to the next level. Our COBIT Certification Training works to bring economical, durable, and practical solutions that will enhance your organization’s functionality and productivity.

To find out more about our COBIT Certification Training and how we can help you, call us today at (678) 964-4239.