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Need Managed or Customized training?

For organizations desiring managed learning services or seeking to develop new training and education solutions. We are the following:

IBEX ED MLS (Managed Learning Solution) is a valued-packed, cost effective solution supporting your organization’s training program goals. As an experienced partner, our dedicated team of highly-skilled experts can help design, manage, and maintain your entire training ecosystem.

Operational, technical and end-to-end user support can also be provided.

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IBEX ED CORE (Customized Options for Replicated Education) provides an unique opportunity to leverage many years of working with top consulting firms in diverse industries.

Create and launch a customized education and training program to fit your organization goals and objectives with the help of IBEX’s award-winning in-depth knowledge and training expertise.

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Instructor-led and e-Learning (Self-Paced) Course Listings

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