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Technology Business Management Training Overview

Delivery Method: Onsite




It is important for organizations to have a common understanding and approach for solution decisions, whether for IT solutions or other solutions (e.g. HR provisioning/compliance/decisions). Technology Business Management (TBM) concepts and fundamentals are key to enabling an organization’s managers to make decisions based on the overall value of a solution, in a manner that facilitates “apples-to-apples” comparisons between solutions.

The TBM Overview course is taught in 4-hour sessions by IBEX’s TBM Instructor. The attendees will be provided a PDF file of the slides and materials used in this session. Each session will include a 15-minute break mid-way through for the convenience of the attendees.

The Technology Business Management (TBM) awareness course is designed to provide IT and business managers insight into TBM principles, strategy and tactics to drive business transformation within IT. Attendees will be introduced to TBM and learn the TBM framework and basic concepts. The TBM awareness course will cover the following modules: Why TBM?: This unit will discuss the need for a value based system to compare IT and business solutions, transparency, and discuss the benefits expected from TBM TBM Foundation concepts: The basics of value, transparency, TBM tools, and foundational concepts. TBM disciplines: This unit will discuss the three TBM disciplines: delivering value for money, shaping business demand, and planning for value. Proving the value through value discussions and KPIs: This includes the four types of value that play key parts in solutions decisions along with the discussions that should occur and the KPIs that demonstrate the success of value considerations. Maturing TBM: Approach to continual improvement of TBM and the Value propositions

  • Anyone whose position requires CISSP certification
  • Individuals who want to advance within their current computer security careers or migrate to a related career

None as this time.

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