Meet Our Advanced Tech Team

IBEX has chosen the best of the best to lead our Advanced Technology Team. Below is a partial list of the members of our team.

Our depth of experience allows us to draw upon a wide range of tools and approaches, making IBEX well positioned to assist your organization into the new, post-pandemic economy.

Tom Taylor

Principal, T&T Technology, LLC

Tom Taylor is an advanced technology, innovation, and product strategy advocate. He has worked on a wide range of business and technology systems from early IBM advanced office products to airborne military antenna systems to autonomous vehicles to 5G Strategies.  Tom currently works with ETI Software as Chief Strategy Officer building a strategy plan for smaller cities and Telco around 5G, smart cities and autonomous vehicles. Tom also works as Director of Product Strategy for OneCare, a start-up in the wearable, patient monitoring space.

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Previously, Tom worked on autonomous driving at Autonomous Fusion and connected vehicles, Big Data, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things at Verizon. He led the building of a new Data Analytics business using Verizon Telematics connected car data and also worked with several startup and incubation programs with new and emerging companies that can play into the connected lifestyle space.

Tom has a BS in Physics from Carnegie Mellon and a MS in Physics from Georgia State University.

Shubha Mohan

Head of Enterprise Architecture Research and Strategy, Invesco US

Shubha Mohan is passionate about technology and innovation and is currently the Head of Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Research at Invesco, an asset management firm. She has worked on and led enterprise-wise, complex transformation programs in the domains of Investment Management, Operations and Data. She is passionate about the use of cloud to drive operational efficiencies and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (ML) technologies to derive business insights and enable better decision making. She is currently rolling out an initiative to “enable cloud and ML for all” to empower business units to become self-sufficient in building and deploying ML at scale. Shubha was responsible for rolling out a Liquidity Risk management program for 1000 funds and led a program to streamline and led a program to streamline and simplify middle office operations at Invesco.

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Previously, she worked at Bloomberg where she was involved in the development of a trading platform for the SE Asian Fixed income market and wrote parsers that consumed data from major Western European exchanges such as LSE, Six Swiss Exchange etc for use on the Bloomberg terminal. She led the adoption of a low latency multicast protocol (FastFix) at Bloomberg, that is now the industry standard for high throughput, low latency data communication between financial institutions. She has also worked extensively on the kernel of a Linux based operating system.

Shubha has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and holds multiple AWS and ML certifications.

Mary Levins

Data Governance Principal, Strategist, and Founder , Sierra Creek Consulting LLC

Mary Levins is an accomplished data management industry leader who has a passion for bringing value through data.  She has a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering and her experience spans across many different industries including healthcare, manufacturing, energy, communications, and finance.

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Mary has been applying engineering concepts to data for more than 20 years and has successfully led global teams and implemented innovative and sustainable solutions to support business initiatives.   She has presented at many technical and data conferences and co-authored a top selling book on Amazon called ‘Data Architecture: A Primer for the Data Scientist’.

Tracey Grace

CEO and Founder, IBEX IT Business Experts

Tracey Grace started IBEX in March 2012 when the IT consulting firm she worked for as a VP declined to pursue a new line of business that she uncovered. Instead of leaving the opportunity behind, she took the leap of faith and utilized that one account to start IBEX. After launching, Grace diversified IBEX to ensure longevity, finding opportunities in her areas of expertise: Training, IT Services and Solutions, and Business Process Consulting.

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Today IBEX is growing and thriving, placing #802 on the Inc. 5000 2020 list of Fastest Growing Companies in the US, and #31 in Georgia. In less than 8 years Tracey and Team IBEX has been nominated for and received numerous awards ranging from “Small Business Person of Excellence” from the Greater North Fulton (GA) Chamber of Commerce and the “On the Rise Contractor of the Year” National Award from American Express. Tracey is a sought-after public speaker on Information Technology, Women in IT and diversity initiatives. She is originally from Morristown, New Jersey and attended the University of Pittsburgh where she received both her Bachelor’s in Economics and Master of Business Administration in Marketing.