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IBEX Advanced Technology Team

Does your organization have a large, complex technology problem to solve and lack the internal resources and know-how to solve it?

Perhaps the problem has been identified for some time, but you have been unable to crack it? IBEX’s Advanced Technology Team can help.


The IBEX Advanced Technology Team supports our customers by creating secure, software and analytics solutions from concept through scalable production and support. With expertise in connected devices, remote monitoring, artificial intelligence, analytics, security, digital transformation and governance, cloud and web-based architecture and development, IBEX can provide personal privacy and environmentally sensitive tracking and monitoring across domains.

Additionally, IBEX has past performance in new energy and transportation sectors such as advanced battery technology, solar power, self-driving vehicles, and IoT technologies. IBEX also addresses small business innovation and access to top diverse companies, online training technology, and services through our Certifiably Diverse platform.

The IBEX Advanced Technology Advantage

Our breadth of product and application development expertise and support – along with our flexibility and business experience – makes IBEX a cost effective and powerful resource for any procurement or management group.

The IBEX Advanced Technology Team is comprised of Subject Matter Experts with extensive knowledge across many different sectors. We excel with complex, “messy” problems, helping clients define and solve those problems with results that are significant improvements over current operations or solutions.

Our depth of experience allows us to draw upon a wide range of tools and approaches, making IBEX well positioned to assist your organization into the new, post-pandemic economy.

IBEX Advanced Technology Team Past Performance & Expertise

The IBEX Advanced Technology Team has solved problems and built resulting operational systems in Telecommunications, Solar Energy, Healthcare, Energy Storage, Cable Communications, and Finance. The team is unique and comes with a background in the following areas:

  • Taking autonomous self-driving cars from concept to driving
  • Predicting communication system construction costs in near real-time
  • Real-time remaining runtime prediction for outside plant batteries on large scale
  • Robotic process automation and autonomous intelligent agent research
  • Financial investment and liquidity risk management using machine learning for insights
  • IoT deployments in health care, home automation, consumer wearables, electric vehicle connection, automotive and driver data, oil and gas, and communication and power utilities
  • Outside plant battery monitoring at approximately 650,000 power locations globally
  • Extensive IoT penetration testing experience of network devices and SCADA and SNMP protocols
  • Real-time collection, filtering, analysis, and reporting of over 20 million events daily for a single customer
  • Data governance, quality, process re-engineering, knowledge management, cleansing, analysis, and pattern discovery with structured and unstructured data
  • Recent publication: Data Architecture: A Primer for the Data Scientist 2nd Ed (co-authored with Bill Inman)
  • High speed, low latency, electronic trading data used by exchanges
  • Implementations of marketplace, customer management, IoT monitoring, and distributed object storage
  • Cloud networks – AWS Solutions Architecture, Machine learning, and Kubernetes orchestration; Microsoft Azure, and corporate intranet
  • Key architects and leads on large-scale websites for companies such as Delta Airlines, ADP (Automatic Data Processing), State Farm Insurance, and IHG (International Hotel Group)
  • Provided over 60 online lectures for the Golang language and provided first translation of Golang specification into Korean
  • JavaScript, Linux, and Blockchain technology
  • Creators and contributors to numerous open-source projects, authors, and speakers at numerous technology conferences globally.
  • Member of Google security bug hunter Hall of Fame
  • Found and reported hundreds of vulnerabilities in applications from companies such as Microsoft (Windows and Office), Adobe, Zoom, Google, Apple, Opera, and Artweaver
  • Cloud-based security such as AWS Aqua CSP in Kubernetes, Cognito, GuardDuty
  • Pen-tested products and applications for companies such as Salesforce, NCR, Greensky, and Kabbage

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