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Based on your specific needs and requirements, IBEX partners with organizations to provide certified and experienced Information Technology professionals spanning the scope of experience levels, roles and responsibilities.

Talent placement has included:

– Artificial Intelligence
– Information Security
– Network Administrators
– Database Administrators
– Web Developers and Designers
– Computer Network Architect
– Systems Software Engineer
– Senior Database Administrator
– Cloud Services Developer
– Software Quality Assurance Analyst

From implementing cybersecurity technology across government agencies to the deployment of custom platforms within the Healthcare industry, IBEX IT Business Experts are a one-stop for securing the right talent.


IBEX continuous success starts and ends with high-quality subject-matter experts from diverse industries and top consulting firms. Our past performance with small, medium and enterprise Fortune 500 commercial and government agencies.

Our subject-matter experts can provide:

– Project and Program Management
– Business Process/Policy Improvement
– Cyber Security Strategy
– Management Operations
– Assessment and Analysis
– Quality Assurance
– IT Best Practices and Standards
– IT Training and Certification
– IT Service Management
– Professional Leadership and Development

As an IBEX client, you can count on our consultants to deliver through excellence while providing innovative solutions to meet today’s most complex business challenges.


As a professional service and training agency, IBEX IT Business Experts are proud to serve as a trusted,  industry business resource and partner to fill the gap. As business challenges arise, so does the needs for the right organizational support or leadership.

Support roles and placements include:

– IT Support
– Help Desk Support
– Software Support
– Business and Administrative Support
– Engineering Support
– Quality Control
– Field Trainers
– IT Specialist

Through IBEX’s proven 3-Step Recruiting Methodology, we can quickly identify, screen and secure placement for your open support position. Simply give IBEX a call when searching for the right candidate.

More About IBEX IT Solutions

Software &

Smart Technology,
Superior Results

Go beyond off-the shelf solutions with our innovative and customized development solutions that improve internal operations while giving you an edge on the competition.


Cutting Edge,
Cohesive Solutions

We assess your data needs, your system security, your applications and infrastructure and offer synchronized solutions that enhances your business operations.

Unparalleled Expertise, Delivered.

Trusted by enterprise Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Military, and various Federal Government agencies.

IBEX ICMS Solutions

Let our strategic development solutions drive your process improvement. Convert your cost center into profit centers.

  • Vendor Management System
  • Certification Management System
  • Opportunity Management Smart System
  • RFP/RFQ Project Management & Selection System
  • Custom System Development & Design

IBEX developers are a team of trusted and inspired experts are vested in ensuring the release of high-quality product, infrastructure and on-time delivery.

  • Requirement Gathering & Analysis
  • System Analysis
  • System Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Implementation

Our team nurtures a culture that intersect Design Thinking for creative innovations and user experiences with Business Process Management to systematically deliver successful outcomes.

The IBEX Partners Ecosystem Delivers Enterprise Scale Success

  • Access Team Readiness
  • Strategize Process & Transformations
  • Train Development Teams & Managers
  • Document Agile Practices & Methods
  • Position Staff & Resources
  • Implementation & Evaluation