IBEX, Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA’s Tracey Grace Speaks At iBTechCon2019

The Dedicated Leader of Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA  

As award-winning Information Technology experts, IBEX is more than familiar with what goes on in the industry. CEO and founder Tracey Grace has been breaking barriers throughout the field for over 20 years. After seizing the opportunity to work on an Electronic Healthcare Record integration project after her former company decided to abandon the business unit that she developed, Tracey takes pride in her business. Since 2012, IBEX, Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA has grown into a nationally recognized IT consulting, training, IT service and support experts.  That’s why Tracey Grace took the opportunity to be a part of the iBTechCon family this year and share her knowledge with other Black families. 


The Importance iBTechCon2019

Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA noticed iBTechCon2019’s goal was to increase tech exposure for Black families through a family unit approach with professional and innovative methods. With that in mind we have crafted a culturally stimulating and technological engaging program that involves tech’s finest educational, business, political and communities.

iBtechCon2019 #BlackFamilyTechVaycay also provided valuable information about the newest tech industries, gaming zone, tech exhibit village, panel discussions, pitch competitions for young and adult entrepreneurs, mini-accelerator, lunch with top tech leaders, emerging technology career fair, themed networking, a prestigious honors ceremony for accomplished tech professionals and much more iBTechCon2019 invites families to become an “Ignited Black Tech Family.” 

iBTechCon2019 goal is to increase tech exposure for Black families through a family unit approach with professional and innovative methods. With that in mind iBTechCon crafted a culturally stimulating and technological engaging program that involves tech’s finest educational, business, political and communities. 

Featured technologies covered at iBTechCon2019: Blockchain, FinTech, Healthcare, Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Gaming, Cryptocurrency, Cloud Services, and much more…  


Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA at iBTechCon2019  

Tracey was more than prepared for this year’s iBTechCon2019. It’s the time of year where Ignite Black Tech activities and events engage, immerse and arm the black family unit with up-to-date technology information, events and opportunities. Ignite Black Tech is a collaboration of black tech entrepreneurs, professionals, educators and community leaders who provide resources, services, and opportunity in the technology space.  The Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA CEO stated: 

“The IBTechCon Inaugural Conference really brought in bright minds versed in some of the latest technologies like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Tokens and reinforced the importance of getting involved on the ground level, being a creator and not just a user to change where you appear on the supply chain.  What an important conference this is.  Honored to contribute and I look forward to it growing and being able to accommodate all of those on the waiting list next year!” 


What Tracey and Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA Brought This Year

Tracey started IBEX with only 1 account and in less than seven years has been nominated for and received numerous awards including in 2018 was named to the Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in the United States and was nominated in 2016 and 2017 for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Tracey was also nominated three times for the Greater North Fulton Small Business Person of the Year Award in 2015-2017 and won the Small Business of Excellence Award in 2015, presented by GA State Senator Brandon Beach.

IBEX, Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA also received the American Express Open On The Rise Government Contractor of the Year National Award which was presented to IBEX in April 2016 in San Diego and was a finalist for the Atlanta Business League Award in the Non-Traditional Business Category and won the GMSDC Eagle Award for helping other Minority Owned Georgia Businesses to be successful and the Georgia Mentor Protege Catapult Award for most new jobs being created in 2017. IBEX also participated in the Goldman Sachs 10kSB program in 2018 and placed in the Capital One Catapult Business Competition, competing against companies throughout the country in an innovation competition.  

Tracey was a part of Leadership North Fulton Class of 2015 where she led a project on Digital Citizenship to help educate children on how to stay safe while online and how to deal with bullying and avoid trafficking scenarios. She actively speaks about the power of education and the benefits of gender and minority diversification and actively works to recruit, place and work with veterans.  


Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA Tech Training 

With iBTechCon being a major success, it’s a no brainer to keep the learning going with IBEX’s tech training. For corporations and organizations, Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA offer certified training for the most widely used Industry Standards and Frameworks, including ITIL®. Customization and managed services learning available.  

For local, state and federal governments, IBEX is an SBA certified 8(a) and WOSB specializing in IT Process Management, IT Best Practice frameworks and Standards; IT Service; and IT Support. IBEX has had to fight to be successful in a male-dominated industry (IT), so we needed to differentiate ourselves. IBEX offers unique, crucial and solutions-oriented services that truly drive businesses to higher levels of profitability.  

IBEX ED offers an impressive array of training, assessment, and delivery solutions to help organizations enhance sustainability, increase value, and maximize profits. We offer training on technologies like ITIL Foundation, COBIT 5, Six Sigma, and IT Security Management Technologies.


Post-iBTechCon Learning with Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA 

iBTechCon2019 mission was to host innovative activities with a cultural twist aimed to engage, immerse and arm the black family unit with the hopes of creating an “Ignited Black Tech Family.” The event did just exactly that.  

With over 30 years in the industry, IBEX is the diverse, WOSB that’s dedicated to providing you with the tools to succeed and take what you learned to the next level. Our Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA works together to bring economical, durable and practical solutions that will enhance your organization’s functionality and productivity. To find out more about our Technology Training and how we can help you, contact us or give us a call today at (678)-752-7542.