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All you have to do is look at the news and you’ll see a ton of information threats, breaches, hacks, phishing attempts, scams — it seems like cybercrime is everywhere, and that’s because it is. Every business is at risk from hackers and attackers, and if you don’t have the right training in place, the threat can be more than you can handle. There are no words for just how devastating a single data breach can be to your clients, your staff and your company as a whole, and hackers aren’t going anywhere.

There are two ways to handle your cybersecurity. You can bring in an outside partner, or you can make sure that your own people have the right knowledge, certifications, and training to keep the hackers away and keep your data secure. Learn where to get the best cybersecurity training for your company, why it matters and what it means to stay up to date with your certifications and knowledge.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity training is essential to the effectiveness of your IT department. The majority of cyber-attacks are designed to exploit the fallibility of people, not systems. They use luring, phishing and the like to trick people into revealing exploits in a system. In this way, hackers can gain easy access to digital resources. They can then spend a long time examining the system from the inside, finding more exploits before they finally launch an attack.

Cybersecurity training is an ongoing process that allows employees to recognize and act against security threats by catching the early signs of an invasion. It helps your people to recognize potential system flaws and protect themselves against threats. Most hackers use AI and bots to launch continual probes against systems these days, looking for potential human error and weaknesses. Teaching your staff to spot them is your first line of defense.

Types of Cybersecurity Training

Solid cybersecurity training needs to cover a wide range of topics. These include, but may not be limited to:

  • Types of cybersecurity threats
  • The importance of strong passwords
  • Identification and reporting of cybersecurity threats
  • Best practices and policies for social media, internet and email
  • Cisco training
  • CISSP, CISM, CISA Cyber Certifications
  • Verizon Network Detection and Response – Hunt for Threats in Real Time
  • Common exploits

Creating Best Practices in Your Company

The core purpose of your company getting cybersecurity training in Atlanta is to ensure everyone is on board. Solid training shouldn’t stop at your IT department but should create accountability and shared awareness of the threats across your entire business. Basic and even ongoing training in this area should be mandatory for all employees. You should create a program that allows for regular updates and continuing education to protect your company from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

That’s where IBEX comes into the picture. Our training courses come in two varieties: instructor-led and e-learning, to allow you to choose whichever is best for your company’s needs. We are an award-winning IT solutions company that provides consulting services, training and best practices in the IT industry. Learn more about who we are and what we do, and get in touch with us to get started on keeping your company safe today.

Training Delivery Options

We challenge ourselves and our Valued Partners to provide the best training method and environment for each student’s specific needs – the result is an optimal learning experience with increased knowledge transfer.

Virtual Instructor-led Training

Virtual Instructor-led Training

Self Paced Online E-Learning

Client-site and Public Class Training

Instructional Design / LMS Integration

Instructional Design / LMS Integration

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