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How IBEX Has Become One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Georgia

Author: Accesswire Original Article: Success is nothing new for the IT consultants and education experts at IBEX. The Georgia-based enterprise has shown a consistent track record of excellence throughout the near-decade that it has been operating. Most recently, IBEX has made it onto the list of 40 companies to receive the Georgia Fast 40 […]

4 Reasons Your Company Isn’t as Diverse as it Could Be

Author: Deanna Ritchie Original Article: Diversity seems to be the topic on everyone’s minds today, and yet many businesses can’t seem to be fully diverse the way they’d like to. More often than not, lack of diversity isn’t due to some kind of hidden malice. Creating diversity for your business is difficult, and there […]

How One IT Training Company Is Making It Safe to Work Remotely

Author: ACCESSWIRE Original Article: Remote work may be nothing new for some workers, but 2020 saw vast swaths of the workforce asked to work from home for the first time – and most companies simply were not prepared for the consequences. Some 88% of businesses encouraged or required their employees to work remotely after the onset of […]

4 Key Business Functions You Should Consider Outsourcing

Author: Renee Johnson Original Article: For small businesses and startups, labor costs are your largest expense by far. Have you considered outsourcing your business functions? After all, you’re not just paying an employee’s salary; you’re also paying employee benefits, unemployment tax, and workers’ compensation. In general, the true cost of an employee is 25-40% more than his […]