A Note from IBEX on COVID-19

How IBEX is helping you keep up with training initiatives, goals and deadlines

Since early 2020, communities and businesses around the world have been struck by an unexpected and once-in-a-lifetime challenge. As the coronavirus pandemic evolves, we have taken action to ensure the uninterrupted service, as well as do our part to contain the spread of the virus.

During these trying times, IBEX remains committed to our Quality Policy and the IBEX Training Mission. While it may not be business as usual, IBEX is an agile workforce and we are doing everything we can to service our customers while keeping them, and our employees, safe during this unprecedented time.

IBEX’s Quality Policy

IBEX IT Business Experts, LLC is committed to establishing, maintaining, and improving internal processes and controls to provide qualified personnel, products and services for all clients.  Our goal is to ensure project success and total continuity of services in satisfying all applicable requirements.  We achieve this through continual improvement of everything we do.

The IBEX Training Mission:

Ensure complete focus on the students, facilitating their maximum takeaways and knowledge gained from our instruction.

Safety of our employees and business continuity

IBEX is continuously providing our team with regular updates, recommendations, and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team is fully equipped to work remotely and are in place and ready to support you and your teams. We are managing employee work locations, based on guidance from global health organizations and local government agencies, and with consideration for local market conditions.

Adjusting Training Delivery Methods

IBEX has migrated In-Person Instructor-Led scheduled classes to Virtual, Online delivery so that our students can still get what they need when they need it without risking health. Our Virtual, Online delivery provides all the same benefits as being in a classroom: Instructor-led, delivered in real time from a Subject Matter Expert, with high-quality curriculum and materials. Our expertise in remote training ensures that there is no diminished value for our students.

We are closely monitoring our open enrollment schedule of In-Person classes and will continue to make adjustments as needed.