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IBEX IT Business Experts Reviews What 7 Years of Success Has Taught Them

When you rise to be the leading IT Business Experts in America, how do you acknowledge 7 Years in business? With a week of fantastic team building!

IBEX IT Business Experts (IBEX) is an award-winning Information Technology (IT) Consulting and Training firm specializing in Best Practice Frameworks, Process Improvement and IT Service Management Solutions. The week of March 12, 2019, we reached our seven-year mark.

Here’s a Brief Highlight of Our 7 Years and Founders Celebration

To kick off our week, we were excited to announce our partnership with UPMC to develop a best-in-class Supplier Diversity System.

“ UPMC and Atlanta-based IBEX IT Business Experts have teamed up to create technology that aims to increase the use of diverse suppliers by UPMC and other health care companies that adopt this solution. IBEX is an African-American, woman-owned IT solutions and delivery firm.” READ MORE…

IBEX Is Proud Of What We Have Built Both As A Company and A Team!

Over the past seven years, we have defined our niche market to deliver services that speak to special technical challenges and training and development needs not met in the IT field. But, we could never have accomplished so much in such a short time without the amazing, talented team we have at IBEX.

Together we have all worked so hard to not just build a great company but, to change the landscape of IT services. But to really understand what it has meant to be a part of the IBEX team, you really need to hear it from our team members.


So We Asked Them…What Have You Learned In Your Years as an IBEX Team Member?

“My years working at IBEX have taught me that there is no substitute for a smart and dedicated team. Our Diverse workforce translates into unique relationships and opportunities to learn so much, keeping the company fresh and me growing.”                   Tracey Grace, President & CEO

“My years working with IBEX have taught me that technology and best practices are constantly changing, and a person can quickly become a “technology dinosaur”. It is important to ensure that I stay relevant to the digital transformations brought about by the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The training and consulting that IBEX provides is key to ensuring that I stay relevant!“ Bob Rice, IBEX IT Instructor

 “My years working with IBEX have taught me about technology solutions, innovation and how to drive results. What makes IBEX stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. We are very team-driven, and we operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. It is exciting and motivating to be part of a diverse team that encourages growth. I love what I do as the Recruiting and Training Coordinator and it shows in the strong relationships I have built with our clients.” Meredith Baldwin, Training & Recruiting Coordinator

“I recently joined IBEX as a Learning Solutions Consultant. I’m excited about the “Skies Unlimited” professional growth potential the company offers, especially in the areas of training design and delivery to its diverse client base. I look forward to exploring new creative ways of delivering engaging and memorable learning to help grow the company.” Milton Edwards, Learning Solutions Consultant

“Working with IBEX IT Business Experts has broadened my understanding of Government contracts and the many benefits for small businesses. From small beginnings come great things!” Bernice Varnado, Administrative Assistant

IBEX-celebrates-founders-technology-paintnsip“My time at IBEX has taught me the inexplicable joy that comes from working for a company and with a team that values my thoughts and efforts. I have found an outstanding business to be a part of with incredible employees, both internal and external, who shape and build each other up. I’m looking forward to many years of success with this company!” Zeb Daniel, HR Generalist, IBEX

“After my first year of working with IBEX, I can affirm that we are an organization built on a foundation of operational transparency, technology-rich collaboration, and encouragement of individual growth. These core values enable IBEX’s team of experts to have an environment to provide industry-leading services to all of our Federal and Commercial clients globally. I am proud to be a part of this IBEX team and look forward to our collective success in this and future years!” Robin Smith, Proposal Manager

“My time at IBEX has taught me the true GRIT and determination that goes into growing a successful IT business. By continuing to stay innovative, agile, and driven…IBEX is a company to look out for!” Vianca Dollar, Client Partner-Cyber and AI 

“As the world is getting more and more technology driven each day, we continue to focus on what is most important; the experience of the user, clean platforms, and the ability to adjust to any situation. This is the our Development Solution.” Tony Pentecost, IT Developer 

But Wait, Didn’t Someone Say Celebrate? IBEX Certainly Did! Check Out Our Founders Day Week of Celebrating!

March 12, Our Founders Day

The IBEX Team kicked off our celebration by getting to really know our company and its beginnings. Tracey Grace, our Company President, and CEO began the festivities by hosting several internal meetings with team members. She presented how IBEX was started, its history and shared a vision for the future. As a team, we reviewed past year financials and successes including making the Inc. 5000 list.

March 13


We invited in Partners including Instructors, SME’s and Learning Solutions Consultants to present to the IBEX team their updates on capabilities for 2019. IBEX team members took turns presenting their accomplishments for 2018 and sharing their goals to achieve in 2019.

We ended the day with an amazing time of team building and brainstorming on how we can take IBEX to a new level.

Our key term for 2019 is “Momentum.”

We finished the day with a bowling event and had lots of team fun. In the end, we came away energized and ready to take on technology challenges with exhilaration and great momentum!

March 14

We brought in Stephanie Johnson of Cornerstone Learning to provide Sexual Harassment and Diversity Training for the staff. We then finished the day by boarding a party bus, eating Hibachi at the Forum, then going to the Atlanta North Art Gallery to do a Paint & Sip event.

Watch Out, IBEX Has So Much More To Come!

If there is one thing that stands true about IBEX it is that we will continue to seek growth and stay ahead of the technology curve. We not only seek to bring AI to the forefront of technology but, we also strive to bring more diversity to the IT marketplace.

We will continue to embrace training and teach those coming behind us the technology languages, software, and standards that are crucial for global systems. In addition, we will work with companies, organizations and the government to develop IT business solutions that can run their resources efficiently and without failure.

With 7 years of exciting growth, IBEX is proud of its diversity initiative as a WOSB, WBE, MBE and  Government 8a Contractors in Atlanta, GA. If you are seeking Technology Training, Business Processes Development, IT Service Management, Enterprise Governance, or Project Management, IBEX has a proven record of delivering excellent results. To find out more, Contact Us or Call (678)-752-7542.